This page contains information which is useful for contributors.

This web site uses DokuWiki. Here are some useful resources to get you started using it:

I have installed some add-ons to enable extra functionality we are likely to need.

Mathematical expressions

The MathJax plugin enables mathematical expressions written with LaTeX syntax (with some minor differences, so look at the documentation!). Let's try: \begin{eqnarray} \Pi_1(P) &=& \frac{1}{2} g^2 \sum\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\int_{\:Q} \frac{1}{Q^2 + m^2} \\ &=& \frac{g^2 T^2}{24} \left[ 1 - \frac{g\sqrt{6}}{4\pi} + \mathcal{O}(g^2) \right] \end{eqnarray}

Notes and references

The RefNotes plugin enables notes*) that, unlike the built-in footnotes**), can be referred to multiple times***). This is very useful for e.g. citations [1]. It also has a special structured syntax that can be used for citations, so please read the documentation.

Let's put footnotes in the fn namespace and citations in the cite namespace, so that they are rendered differently and separately, as shown in the references herein and the actual notes below.


I've installed the SVG Pure Insert plugin so we can upload images in SVG (vector) format. This is very nice for diagrams and such, because they look equally good at any zoom level. I've been using to make the diagrams in my articles. It's very easy to use and supports SVG export.

*), ***) Yes, this is a note.
**) Screw those guys.

1. D. Nukem, 2038. Kicking ass and chewing bubble gum. LA Times.
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