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 +====== Contributing ======
 +This page contains information which is useful for contributors.
 +===== DokuWiki help =====
 +This web site uses [[doku>​start|DokuWiki]]. Here are some useful resources to get you started using it:
 +  * [[doku>​manual|User manual]]
 +  * [[doku>​wiki:​syntax|Syntax]]
 +  * [[doku>​images|Images and media handling]]
 +===== Extended functionality =====
 +I have installed some add-ons to enable extra functionality we are likely to need.
 +==== Mathematical expressions ====
 +The [[doku>​plugin:​mathjax|MathJax plugin]] enables mathematical expressions written with LaTeX syntax (with some minor differences,​ so look at the documentation!). ​ Let's try:
 +  \Pi_1(P) &=& \frac{1}{2} g^2 \sum\!\!\!\!\!\!\!\int_{\:​Q} \frac{1}{Q^2 + m^2} \\
 +           &​=&​ \frac{g^2 T^2}{24} \left[ 1 - \frac{g\sqrt{6}}{4\pi} + \mathcal{O}(g^2) \right]
 +==== Notes and references =====
 +The [[doku>​plugin:​refnotes|RefNotes plugin]] enables notes[(fn:​mynote>​Yes,​ this is a note.)] that, unlike the built-in footnotes[(fn:>​Screw those guys.)], can be referred to multiple times[(fn:​mynote)]. This is very useful for e.g. citations [(cite:​nukem1996kicking >>
 +  | authors = D. Nukem
 +  | title   = Kicking ass and chewing bubble gum
 +  | journal = LA Times
 +  | year    = 2038
 +)]. It also has a special structured syntax that can be used for citations, so please read the documentation.
 +Let's put footnotes in the ''​fn''​ namespace and citations in the ''​cite''​ namespace, so that they are rendered differently and separately, as shown in the references herein and the actual notes below.
 +==== Images ====
 +I've installed the [[doku>​plugin:​svgpureinsert|SVG Pure Insert plugin]] so we can upload images in SVG (vector) format. This is very nice for diagrams and such, because they look equally good at any zoom level. I've been using [[http://​draw.io|draw.io]] to make the diagrams in my articles. It's very easy to use and supports SVG export.
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