Coral is free and open-source co-simulation software built from the ground up with support for FMI and distributed simulations in mind. It is primarily a C++ library that can be embedded into any application that needs to perform co-simulations. However, we've also made some simple command-line applications for testing, demonstration and research purposes.

Download Coral for Linux or Windows.

Please note: Coral is in a pre-1.0 stage. That means it is still rather rough around the edges, and as it is undergoing heavy development, the API is likely to change between releases. Check out the roadmap for information about the expected changes.

Coral is on GitHub. If you have a question, a bug report or an enhancement request, please use the GitHub issue tracker. We appreciate if you do a quick search first to see if anyone has already brought the issue up, and we will also be very happy if you label your issue appropriately.

Contributions are very welcome, and should be submitted as pull requests on GitHub.

C++ library:

Command-line applications:

  • coralmaster – The master program that you use to run co-simulations.
  • coralslaveprovider – A program that must run on each computer that will participate in simulations, which takes care of spawning new slaves at the request of the master.
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