Slave provider (Coral 0.9.0)

This program loads one or more FMUs and makes them available as
slaves on a domain.

  coralslaveprovider <fmu...> [options...]

  fmu                 The FMU files and directories.

  --clean-cache                Clear the cache which contains previously
                               unpacked FMU contents.The program will exit
                               immediately after performing this action.
  --interface arg (= The IP address or (OS-specific) name of the
                               network interface to use for network
                               communications, or "*" for all/any.
  --no-output                  Disable file output of variable values.
  -o [ --output-dir ] arg (=.) The directory where output files should be
  --port arg (=10272)          The UDP port used to broadcast information about
                               this slave provider. The master must listen on
                               the same port.
  --slave-exe arg              The path to the slave executable.
  --timeout arg (=3600)        The number of seconds slaves should wait for
                               commands from a master before assuming that the
                               connection is broken and shutting themselves
                               down.  The special value -1 means "never".
  --help                       Display a help message and exit.
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